Dec 23

Welcome to Planet Chili!

Welcome to the not-so-grand opening of my new webspace—Planet Chili! This site was launched mainly to support my programming tutorial video series on YouTube, so chances are you were sent here from my introductory video to download the framework. Click the link below to download it now.

Download the Chili DirectX Framework

The goal of this series is to teach an utter beginner the various programming skills needed to produce a game (I am a masochist). I begin by helping you set up the tools needed to program, and then we start learning C/C++ syntax from square one. The plan is to organize the tutorials into a series of units, each unit focusing on the development of a simple game. However, we won’t yet have covered enough material to make even a simple game for the first several videos, so that will have to wait a while.

The idea is to start with basic language features first and then move on to more advanced object oriented C++ constructs as well as general programming techniques such as data structures and algorithms. The framework that I provide will allow us to start working with graphics right from the start, and later on as we become more familiar with C++ we will delve into the guts of the framework and learn all the dirty details of dealing with DirectX.

Once we are confident in using DirectX to make 2D applications, we will move on to 3D. This will entail not only learning more about the Direct3D API, but also about some of the mathematics involved in 3D graphics and the details of contemporary 3D graphics hardware. There are also other topics that I plan on covering, such as networking, AI, multithreading, etc., but I haven’t really thought out the timing yet. In fact, all this is just a rough idea at this point, so don’t try and hold me to it later. I might even split topics up into separate series, some of which may end up running concurrently.

My philosophy for teaching and/or learning almost any subject or skill can be summed up in two words: hands on. In order to get the most out of this series, it is highly recommended that you download the software and framework and follow along with every video. It’s also important that you take some initiative. These videos are not meant to be an exhaustive survey of everything you will ever need to know about programing to make a game. You should be supplementing what you learn here with your own independent experimentation and research. In this age of ubiquitous highspeed Internet access, there are tons of free resources on the web and absolutely no excuse not to make the most of them. Google is your friend. I also have a forum available where you can ask questions if you get stuck on the tutorials or just questions about programming in general. I hope to build a community here where programmers can support each other and share new ideas.

Well, that’s about all I have to say in the way of an introduction I guess. If you made it this far I applaud your patience and/or the amount of spare time you have on your hands. I try to inject a little bit of levity into my videos when I can, but I just wasn’t feeling it when writing the above introduction. It’s probably all for the best, since my sense of humor is at about a fifth-grade level in terms of proficiency and sophistication. I appologise for that, and for the lack of professionalism in my videos, but not very sincerely. It amuses me to act like a jackass while recording, and therefore that is how I will continue to roll. I will however try to avoid sounding like a Tourettes case off his meds (when possible).

Okay, now I’m just starting to ramble. Peace out brothers (and sisters?). Don’t forget to give me some love in the Tube and sign up for the forum. Word to your mother.

P.S. This doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on any of my let’s plays. Although I plan to shift the majority of my YouTubin’ efforts to the tutorials, Joshua, Lhaeros, and Plump will all be making their triumphant returns in good time. I may even start a new LP if the fancy strikes, but only after I’ve finished chewing what I have already bitten off.


  1. joe

    Best LPs on the web! keep up the great work!

    1. chili

      Thanks Joe :)

  2. Johnny

    Hey what’s up Mr. Chili..!

    I’ve been wanting to learn C++ for a couple of years now, but I never had enough time.
    I currently work as a taxidriver and have alot of boring night shifts, but your tutorial videos on youtube made a big change to that. I really enjoy watching them on my smartphone while at work. And when I get home I just watch them again and tag along!

    I just want to say thank you very much for all the effort you put into teaching us!
    Keep up that work and I will make sure you have atleast one loyal follower!



    1. chili

      Hey bro, thanks for the comment!

      It’s comments like these that give me the motivation to keep doing this stuff. Good luck in your studies and hope to see you sometime on the forum!

      - Chili

  3. Jonas

    Yo Chili :) Thanks for awesome tutorials on youtube! You make learning c++ fun!
    Its cool to actually work with graphics instead of just boring console aplications.

    1. chili

      Thanks bro, I thought that they might be a fun alternative to the old “Hello World!” grind.

  4. StudyHard

    Man, this is good stuff, I already knew C++ but as you managed to bring some fun in this shit I was definetly commited to watch it from the scratch ;) Keep the good work up, and don’t get lasy plz, I am waiting for the next part!!! ;)

    1. chili

      Lazy is my middle name bro :D I will try and keep the knowledge flowing though ;)

      1. StudyHard

        seems u float on… thx good new one!
        Are you fulltime pro c++er?

  5. Anonymous

    I tired to compile your DirectX Framework but it said “inupt file dxerr .lib is not found”

    1. chili

      Go to the forum and post a new topic which includes:
      1) The whole text of your compiler output
      2) The details of your setup (OS version, 32-bit/64-bit, etc.)

      I will try and help you out.

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    Wow, that

  7. Adriana

    thanks for share!

  8. luskas

    I wish to thank you for this, i must say, amazing tutorial! I write a few VB lines and i wanted to learn more about c++… I found this tutorials to be the best in all youtube universe.
    Thank you and sorry for my english writing mystakes… I´m Portuguese.

    Cheers mate!!


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